He has 33 grandkids, 94 children, and 39 wives. And his entire family resides in one house!

Most people see getting married and starting a family as a reasonable progression in their lives. Their own family and the love of their loved ones will be the infinite rewards, even though the decision may not be simple.


Marriage ceremonies are conducted entirely differently around the world. In some nations, the wedding day is the first time the husband and wife meet. Men can have more than one wife in various societies. Everything is dependent on one’s worldview.

This man from India made a very odd choice because of his faith. Zayona is his name. He is 67 years old and has the world’s biggest family.

Even if they are only married to one person, marriage is difficult for the majority of people. For a man from a small Indian town, marriage is so easy and straightforward that he can’t stop. 39 women, 94 children, and 33 grandchildren make up his family.

Zayona is his name. His large family all resides in one house! He was born in 1945 and came from a unique household because his father founded the Chana Pawl religious movement.


This company was established in 1942. More than 2000 people follow it today. They are renowned for their woodworking prowess, but their acceptance of polygamy is much more well-known.

They treat polygamy seriously, and Zayona and his wives are excellent role models. He has wed more than ten ladies just in the last year alone! They weren’t coerced into getting married by anyone. On the contrary, because they came from low-income homes, many people are glad to accept his proposition.

Zayona has dated each of his wives like everyone else, despite the fact that their connection is a little different. He allegedly proposed to one of his wives after spotting her in the village one day.

The woman describes him as “the most charming man in the village.”


Zayona, who is 67 years old, has gained notoriety for housing the world’s largest family. Just take a look at this image; it seems impossible!

Many people go mad just thinking about having to care for and raise so many kids. But Zayona is not frightened by that.

“I experience myself as a unique son of God. Lord given me so many people to look after!” exclaims the man.

He continues, “I consider myself very fortunate to be the leader of the largest family in the world and to be the spouse of 39 wives.


But, keeping order in such a family is a serious struggle that necessitates the use of military techniques.

Zayona seeks assistance from her first spouse. She assigns each wife a certain household chore each day. Although being 70 years old, the woman has boundless vitality and is constantly busy. So nobody just idles.

Everyone rises early because the family is so large. The day starts with prayer, and everyone reports to work no later than 6:00 a.m. Every day is like that. All of the workers put in a full day’s work with meal breaks, much like in a typical household.

Can you just picture how much it would cost to feed such a large group? The family consumes 35 kilograms of meat, 20 kilograms of veggies, and approximately 45 kilograms of rice all at once.


An average house won’t do for a family this size. On the edge of the mountain, Zayona constructed a spacious residence for everyone. More than a hundred rooms are present, including a sizable shared bedroom for each of his wives.

In large rooms, the women share beds. Yet, the family’s head of household has a large bed in his own room. The spouses alternately live with him, sharing a space and a bed for a week at a time. The women claim that they are not envious of one another, which seems peculiar.

His eighteenth wife explains, “Every wife spends a week in Zayona’s room taking care of him at that period.

“Even those who are menopausal already. After all, they require love as well!


The younger wives are located in the bedroom that is closer to Zayona’s room, while the elder wives are located farther away in order to make life simpler for himself. Although it appears to be discriminatory, Zayona says that all of his women respect and adore one another.

The younger wives’ infants are cared for by the elder ladies who are no longer able to procreate. It is fantastic that they look out for one another because the family is continually expanding.

Zayona’s son exclaims with pride, “We don’t need physicians or nannies during birthing.” All of our women have enough laboring experience, and none of them have ever experienced difficulties.

The family takes great pleasure in its independence. They labor on the land themselves and cultivate their own food. They even have a school of their own, where the kids receive a top-notch education.


Zayona should have stopped by now, one would think. The man, who is 67 years old, hasn’t ruled out having additional wives and kids to add to his large family.

To expand my family and get married, I would even travel to America, he declares.

He has not yet stated who will be in charge of things following him. Even when the patriarch departs from Earth, his family unit will probably endure the loss of the patriarch and continue to exist in faith and peace.

This decision by Zayona can be unsettling to some people. He doesn’t mind, though, because his large family is content!

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He has 33 grandkids, 94 children, and 39 wives. And his entire family resides in one house!
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