A policeman had lunch with a starving little boy and recognized his face…

Do not underestimate the role of chance in our lives. Sometimes some random event can turn our world upside down, fill it with new meaning and joy. It was the end of the shift of policeman Eric Simpson from Alabama City. The man decided to have dinner, as he did not have time to have lunch, and therefore was very hungry. The American went to a diner to buy himself a hamburger. At that moment, the man did not yet know that this decision would change his life…

Eric paid for his dinner, which consisted of two hamburgers and a large fries, and then went to his car. Suddenly, the man saw a boy sitting on the side of the road. The guy was very hungry, you could tell by the way he looked at Eric’s burgers. The policeman decided to feed the poor man. Eric called the boy over, asked him what he was doing here all alone.

The guy, who looked about 9 years old, replied that he was waiting for his mother, who works as a cleaner in a diner. Eric handed him a second hamburger, sat down next to him on the side of the road, and then they started eating together. Only when the boy began to eat greedily, the policeman realized how hungry the child was! He took huge bites from the burger, which he immediately swallowed! Eric even had to tell the child: “Hey, eat slower, and at least chew a little!”. 

The policeman gave the hungry guy French fries, and then asked when he had eaten for the last time. The child was confused by such a question, but decided to answer honestly: “This morning I ate a salad that my mother brought from work yesterday. Usually she gets more food, then I’m not so hungry.” The boy blushed with shame that he had to admit to poverty. But the policeman could not blame the child for not even having money for food.

Eric felt terribly sorry for the boy, he really wanted to find out where his father was, who could not provide his son with everything he needed. After the question about Dad, the child was completely upset. It turned out that he had never known his father. The mother raised her son herself, telling him almost nothing about dad. Eric felt not only pity for the child, but also a strange kinship with him. To begin with, the policeman asked the boy’s name. 

But when Eric heard the answer to his question, he was speechless! It turned out that the boy is the full namesake of a policeman! His name was Eric Simpson! The amazed man began to find out how this could happen. The child also said that he was named after his father’s brother, who was a real example for his parents. The boy knew almost nothing about his dad, but Uncle Eric was the idol of a teenager, because his mother constantly talked about him.

The man began to guess who was sitting next to him on the side of the road… This child was just a copy of the brother who died! John was a very difficult man who made a lot of mistakes and ended up in prison. He spent several years there, after which he fell ill and died. They were not close to their brother, but Eric loved him very much. The policeman could not forgive himself for not saving John from such a life, not preventing him from falling to the very bottom.

Eric decided to pull himself together, because he was not 100% sure that he had found his brother’s son. I needed to talk to my mother. The policeman took his namesake by the hand and went into the cafe. A tired woman came out to meet me with a rag in her hand. There was horror in her eyes, because the policeman was leading her son by the hand, but he seemed very familiar to her. Eric hastened to reassure the woman: “Don’t worry, your son didn’t do anything! I just want to talk to you.”

The policeman asked if the guy was the son of John – his brother. And Eric’s suspicions were confirmed! He just treated his nephew to a hamburger! It turned out that the woman, whose name was Evelina, had given birth to John’s son a couple of months before he was taken to prison. She raised the child alone, while she did not want to tell him about her father, who led a wrong lifestyle. But she told her son about Eric with great pleasure, because he was a policeman! 

Evelina followed the man’s life on a social network page. But she didn’t want to turn to him for help, so as not to burden him with her problems. Eric was shocked by the news he found out! It turns out he has a nephew! They barely spoke to their brother before he died, but Eric really loved him. I just couldn’t accept this behavior, the fact that John was in prison. And Eric was amazed that his brother admired him so much that he even named his son after him!

The man decided to do everything possible to help his nephew and his mother. Evelina could not provide her son with everything necessary, although she tried very hard. The burden of a single mother is definitely not simple, the woman needed help. Eric knew that he would do everything possible not only to provide for his namesake financially, but also to prevent him from repeating the sad fate of his father. 

Since then, the man has been actively involved in the guy’s life, and he also became very close to Evelina, they became real friends. Eric adores his uncle, who played the role of a real wizard in his life. He helps with money, rented a new large apartment for the family, and sometimes takes the boy to his job.

That’s how chance helped to meet people who need each other so much. After all, not only Evelina and her son received support, but Eric also stopped feeling unnecessary and lonely. Now he has people for whom he is responsible, which makes his life more meaningful and meaningful.

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A policeman had lunch with a starving little boy and recognized his face…
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