This guy plays beautifully and sings beautifully

A young Australian singer has achieved an unprecedented feat on The Voice by spinning the 4 judges’ chairs before even starting to sing. It’s clear that all sorts of contestants come to the program to show off what they’re capable of with their vocal cords, but Sam Perry, our young protagonist, has made his own hole in his form. The singer and DJ took the stage with a huge box with which he already felt what he was about to do.

A sound mixing and resonance box with which he was able to put on all the show that the show was looking forward to. Seconds later, the singer began making a collection of broken sounds on the large sound box in front of him. Delta Goodrem couldn’t resist and turned her chair immediately afterwards. That’s when Sam started singing Prince’s “When Doves Cry” and the crowd went absolutely crazy.

The judges could not believe what they saw before their eyes. When he finished, all four judges stood up and started begging him to join their respective teams. “You just changed the game,” said Rowland, totally out of breath. The singer, clearly very shocked and humbled by his response to his great performance, blushed at all the attention he was getting.

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This guy plays beautifully and sings beautifully
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