The couple is going to give birth to five, but in the hospital the man realizes that the girl LIED about pregnancy.

Sometimes life throws us amazing stories, which is difficult to invent even for an experienced science fiction writer. Some stories make us think that everyone is lying, and everything is not what it seems. This story is about Paul Servat and Barbara Bienvenu. The couple met on the Internet, almost immediately began dating. Paul was already an adult man, at the time of meeting with Barbara, he was 35 years old. He dreamed of settling down, having a happy family, as many children as possible. Therefore, when Barbara got pregnant, the man was just happy! They had only known each other for a couple of months, but the relationship was going great. No one had any doubts that the child should be left! Paul was even more delighted when he found out that Barbara was expecting quintuplets! 

The man could not believe that he was so lucky! He tried to surround the pregnant woman with all possible care and affection, did not deny her anything. Paul began to fully provide for Barbara, to indulge all whims. The man found out that pregnant women can have very strange taste preferences, but immediately rushed to fulfill all the whims of his beloved. Just think, she was carrying 5 babies! How can you refuse something to a woman pregnant with quintuplets? Paul told his parents about the expected birth of five grandchildren. They were initially shocked, and not by the fact that their son’s girlfriend got pregnant, but by how many grandchildren they would have at a time. They were also a little confused that Paul had known the mother of the future babies not so long ago, but this only overshadowed the wonderful news quite a bit.

Everything went on as usual, the time of childbirth was coming. Paul was preparing a room for the kids. He even started fundraising on a special platform to accumulate an amount that would allow him to recoup all the costs of caring for babies. It’s no joke, 5 children were supposed to be born! And now the long-awaited time of childbirth has come! Caring future father took Barbara to the hospital, helped her pack her things. The man was very nervous, because he was supposed to become a dad for the first time. Yes, and 5 kids at once! The expectant mother was sent for tests, which always need to be taken before giving birth. Doctors need to make sure that the woman is all right. But the results of the standard procedure came as a shock to everyone… When the nurse saw the tests, she just couldn’t believe her eyes!

The news came as an even bigger shock to Paul. Just imagine that a man only found out in the hospital that there would be no childbirth! It turned out that Barbara had been deceiving him all this time! It turned out that the woman was not pregnant at all. Moreover, she did not have a miscarriage. How so? After all, Barbara had a huge belly, completely out of proportion to her body! Paul saw him grow as the gestation period increased. The reality turned out to be a shock and a real grief for Paul! He was already one step away from becoming a father! The man imagined how he would take the kids in his arms, sing them lullabies. 

That’s just Barbara turned out to have a very rare case of so-called psychological or false pregnancy. This is a situation in which a woman feels that she is expecting a baby, her body also changes in a certain way, but there is really no child! It turns out that Barbara did not wear any quintuplets, moreover, she was not pregnant at all! At the same time, she and Paul chose names together, equipped the nursery. The most interesting thing is why the woman’s body changed, and where did she get what exactly 5 children were waiting for? It turns out that Barbara did not even take a pregnancy test, did not undergo ultrasound. At the same time, Paul believed her, he did not expect such a trick at all. And who in their right mind would think of arranging such a deception, because the truth should have been revealed anyway.

That’s just hard to believe in the sound mind of Barbara, the woman clearly has a serious mental deviation. Of course, Paul is just crushed by what happened. His life collapsed in one moment! Paul will not have the children he was waiting for, his beloved turned out to be a liar with serious mental problems. Now the man laments that he did not ask to show a pregnancy test, did not go with Barbara to the doctor for an ultrasound. He really believed his new passion, although he knew her only nothing. This story makes you feel sorry for Paul, who never became a father, although he dreamed of it. But even more emotions are caused by the very fact of the existence of such a phenomenon as a false pregnancy. This phenomenon proves once again that our body is directly connected with the psyche.

During psychological pregnancy, the body behaves as if life was born in it. A woman feels like a future mother, while her hormonal background changes, morning sickness begins and other signs of an interesting situation. In this situation, there is only one way out – to go to a gynecologist to make sure of your pregnancy or its absence. And in no case deceive the “future father”! Such amazing cases happen, and you knew that such a thing was possible. It is simply incredible what the human body is capable of only under the influence of the power of thought, because Barbara believed until the last that she was pregnant.

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The couple is going to give birth to five, but in the hospital the man realizes that the girl LIED about pregnancy.
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