This is what the boy who was adopted by Angelina Jolie 19 years ago looks like now

Mother and Son are the best friends?

The famous Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie first became a foster mother in 2001. Then she was married to Billy Bob Thornton, they had two children. At that time, the star was already actively involved in charity work and fate brought her to Cambodia. There she met a 7-month-old boy, Rat Vibol. As Jolie said, he was the first child she picked up and pressed to her.

There was no longer any doubt, the boy had to go with her. Her husband, Billy Bob Thornton, became a father to him, but after the couple broke up, Jolie remained his sole guardian. Soon the actress married Brad Pitt, who took on the responsibility of being a dad to a boy, and his name was changed to Maddox Jolie Pitt.

Although Jolie herself is a very kind and gentle mother and never forbade anything to her children, however, they all grew up in love, and this is probably the most important thing.

Now Maddox is 19 years old, he plays the guitar, knows three languages ​​, and has a unique style and taste. He loves cinema very much and is often with his mother at work. Even during the separation of Jolie and Pitt, Maddox took the side of his mother. The actress loves and trusts her son very much, they are best friends.

The guy is educated at the Yonsei University of Korea at the Faculty of Bioengineering. Rumor has it that the actress already has a will and she left most of her property to her pet Maddox.

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This is what the boy who was adopted by Angelina Jolie 19 years ago looks like now
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