Conjoined Twins Share Huge News 22 Years After Their Birth

Abigail and Brittany Hensel were both born in 1990 as twins. This wasn’t too out of the ordinary. While not particularly common, twins aren’t exactly rare either. However, they soon came into the public eye. Not just because they were twins, but because of the kind of twins they were. They were conjoined twins. A case such as theirs was rather rare, sharing a body but having different heads. Their story has since been covered extensively, over many years. And in 2012, they decided to share an important announcement.

Their Birth

Conjoined Twins


The Red Line




Differing Personalities

Fears And Interests

Public Appearances

Joined for Life



Unwanted Reactions

Things Can Get Overwhelming

Patty Hensel

A New Job

The Job Of Two People

Getting Comfortable

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