On “The Voice Senior,” a 63-year-old contestant closes her eyes and sings a 1959 Etta James song.

Mechelina Completes The Performance of “Something’s Got A Grip On Me” Was Spectacular
Talent knows no age, and musical skill especially doesn’t. The Voice Senior allows contestants over the age of sixty to compete in a group of their peers, giving senior voices the spotlight they have long deserved.

Senior candidates in singing not only have the chance to perform in front of an audience, but they also receive one-on-one vocal coaching from celebrity judges as they advance through the competition and compete against other contestants to be named the winner.

On “The Voice Senior,” there have been some strong competitors who have put many pros to shame. Furthermore, unlike many younger artists, these elders don’t “correct” their vocals using auto-tune. The vocal talent you hear on “The Voice Senior” is genuine and unadulterated.

Mechelina, 63, is hardly an exception. Mechelina is a grandmother and a great-grandmother, and most younger people would assume when she walked onto the ‘The Voice’ stage that she is just a “average” grandmother. Nevertheless, like other grandmothers, Mechelina has a special superpower: she has a powerful voice.

Mechelina enters the stage before the music begins in the footage below. She may be a little anxious, but who wouldn’t be? She inhales deeply, shuts her eyes, and then launches into a well-known Etta James song, mesmerizing both the judges and the crowd.

Several current musicians have sampled and recorded “Something’s Got A Grip On Me,” but never in this way. Mechelina’s rich, sparkling voice carries the audience on a heartfelt trip as she caresses the lyrics with that vintage 1960s sound:

“Let me say right now that I have never felt this way before. I feel like something has a grasp on me and won’t let go. Etta James, Leroy Kirkland, and Pearl Woods composed “Something’s Got A Grip On Me,” a gospel, blues, and soul song. We composed the tune and we modified it from a Christian song, James once said. “Something’s Got a Grip On Me, It Gotta Be the Lord,” was the title of the gospel song. Instantly popular, the song peaked at number four on the Hot R&B Sides chart. Also noted, the song peaked at number 37 on the Billboard Hot 100 list.

Mechelina had a lot to live up to as she took the stage of “The Voice” Senior, especially in light of the song she chose and the public’s knowledge with Etta Jame’s distinctive gospel/blues voice. We believe Mechelina delivered, and while the judges may not agree, we hope she will return and audition again soon. We want to hear more from her because of her wonderful voice.

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On “The Voice Senior,” a 63-year-old contestant closes her eyes and sings a 1959 Etta James song.
From his first sounds, the jury turned the chairs and realized that a new star had appeared