People have over-enhanced their pictures: 15 failed cases

In an effort to make better photos, some people stop seeing the limits of reason. As a result, their Photoshop tricks become obvious, and only the blind will not notice them.

The most annoying thing is that the pictures from this do not become beautiful at all, but comical or even frightening. By the way, not only users of social networks, but also stores sometimes sin with this. We have compiled a few examples for you.

When the processing is limited to the person

Very strange «professional» photo session

They say dolls are in vogue

Thank you Tinder for the nightmares

As if body and head belong to different people

There is something wrong with the wires…

Natural beauty

Photo from a review on a clothing store website

Something Alien

dream man

2D solid

very realistic

From a single online store

Leather texture has left the chat

Awesome tattoos

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People have over-enhanced their pictures: 15 failed cases
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