Tom Cruise, 60, shocked admirers by looking older.

Legendary Hollywood actor Tom Cruise is well-known all over the world as an action movie hero, a performer of great stunts, a fan of extreme sports, an arrogant lucky guy, and a Scientology adherent with a very bizarre personal life. But it wasn’t just his attractive face and excellent physical condition that brought him fame.

In addition to “Born on the Fourth of July,” “Rain Man,” “Interview with the Vampire,” “Eyes Wide Shut,” “The Firm,” “Jerry Maguire,” and “Vanilla Sky,” consider some of the great films he starred in. The fans were shocked when Tom recently made an appearance. The 60-year-old actor has changed significantly over the past few months. Fans of Cruise came to the conclusion that the bloated oval was beyond the reach of plastic surgery.

Tom, what’s wrong with you? Identify my dream for me. Nowadays, plastic surgery is ineffective. What a charming young man he once was. No one becomes attractive with time. We’re all getting older, “Sad scenario,” “But he makes a career with his face,” “Unexpectedly,” “Radical change in appearance,” and “Suddenly he appears elderly” are some of the comments made by internet users.

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