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Richard Gere was forced to play “Pretty Woman” by just three words that Julia Roberts said to him
The cast of the beloved melodrama could have been very different. It’s been 32 years since Pretty Woman
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The couple is going to give birth to five, but in the hospital the man realizes that the girl LIED about pregnancy.
Sometimes life throws us amazing stories, which is difficult to invent even for an experienced science
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This is the unique performance in which Simon took the stage and did something he had never done before.
Throughout his life, Simon has been a judge on talent shows like America’s Got Talent, UK’s Got Talent
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This guy plays beautifully and sings beautifully
A young Australian singer has achieved an unprecedented feat on The Voice by spinning the 4 judges’ chairs
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Nobody could believe a brave young child would volunteer to sing the national anthem in front of a stadium full of spectators.
Drake Grillo is not a typical little child; once at a time, there was an audacious young boy.
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60-year-old Olympic gold medalists wow with an ice dance to “Bridge Over Troubled Water”
Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean were there to show that they still had it years after they retired
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40-Year-Old Britney Spears Announces That She’s Pregnant, The Internet Showers Her With Love And Support
When Britney Spears was finally let go from her conservatorship, it felt revolutionary. The moment that
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Keanu Reeves Turned Up At Sandra Bullock’s Doorstep Unannounced With Champagne And Truffles After She Mentioned She’d Never Had Them
Hello, everyone! Hope you’re having a nice panda-esque day so far and if you’re not, then I hope this
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What 17 Famous Movies Would Look Like if They Were Filmed Today with the Same Actors
Iconic movies oftentimes owe a big part of their success to the talent of great actors who played in them.
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Dads are getting older, but the kids are at their best: the sons of famous Hollywood actors
The sons of famous Hollywood actors  Many actors in Hollywood have very attractive sons. Fathers will
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Flowers of life: what sextuplets look like, which are already 11 years old
For many couples, the addition to the family is an exciting moment. This is especially true for the first
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«Peppy Grandpa»: 71-year-old Richard Gere posted a joint photo with his 99-year-old father
how time flies, he is already 71 Oh, hard to realize that time just rushes at a crazy speed and some